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Client and Colleague Testimonials

“Bryan's two major strengths are
(1) the business model he uses to help the client with web site development/execution; and
(2) his unwavering willingness to do, literally, whatever it takes to make his product successful in the client's environment.”
- Pam Sultan, SVP Marketing at Jackson Metro YMCA

“I would highly recommend Bryan to those looking for someone with creative vision, a broad base of experience, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team. I enjoyed collaborating with Bryan on various projects and have much respect for him on a personal and professional level.”
- Randy Lynn, Group Creative Director at Maris, West and Baker

“Bryan Carter's reputation for delivering high-caliber work in a timely and effective manner is well-known in both the advertising field and in technical arenas. Positive. Gregarious. A thinker who finds solutions for problems. Strong communicator. He has my highest recommendation.”
- Erica Robinson, Former Colleague

“In working with Bryan on several projects, he demonstated a sincere, customer focused approach to ensure the right solutions and usability approach were in line with the clients business objectives. Bryan brought a unique and "out of the box" approach to developing innovative solutions for our clients.”
- Barry Lowther, Sr. Director Program Management at CYTEC

“Bryan effectively provided leadership on merging science and art in any project. His skills are particularly important with an enterprise-level project where complex tasks must be reduced to inuitively understood interfaces . . . Bryan can make sure your branding standards are met and that people can actually use the system or website deployed.”
- Dan Marks, VP Consumer Strategy at First Tennessee

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